AACCA Sports Injury Study Published

AACCA has published its first ever Sports Injury Study.

The purpose of this study is to ascertain the risk of participation in cheerleading and address previous data misinterpretations and sensationalism in recent media reports.  A number of recent articles falsely claim that cheerleading is the most dangerous athletic activity, more dangerous than football and hockey. These articles misrepresent information from two primary sources: The National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injuries at the University of North Carolina (NCCSI) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Emergency Room visit study (NEISS).

The study uses the available data to show the actual risk of cheerleading compared with other sports and athletics along with recommendations to continue and improve cheerleading safety.
The complete study is available at http://www.cheersafe.org/research/aacca-cheerleading-safety-study/
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