How Does Your Program Rate

How Does Your Program Rate? -

1. Athletic Performance

  • During practices, how much time is spent preparing for games? Preparing for competitions?
  • Is your team leading the crowd or performing at games?
  • What type of materials are used at the game? (signs, megaphones, crowd oriented cheers and sidelines)

2.  Academic Performance

  • Is every team member in good academic standing? If not, are academic support services in place?
  • Do you monitor the cheerleaders' grades periodically?
  • Are rules enforced for those squad members that are below standard?

3.  Do you have a booster organization?

  • Do you have any annual event or activity that helps raise funds? (Dances, car washes or concession stands)
  • Does your team have a savings account (building interest)?

4.  Promotion of Activity

  • Does your team represent your school in a positive manner both at school and at other community functions?

5.  Public Relations and Community Services

  • What type of interaction does your squad have with the community?
  • What type of interaction within the school (pep rallies, homecoming festivities, etc.)?
  • What type of interaction outside the school (parades, local municipalities, retirement centers and other recreation centers)?

Contributed by Gemma Fotia, Coach - Slippery Rock University

Irazmi Perez
AACCA Instructor and USASF Regional Assistant More from Members