Administrator's Checklist

Administrator's Checklist of Cheerleading Programs -

With the proper procedures, safety rules, supervision and equipment in place, cheerleading can be a very rewarding, relatively safe activity for young people. The following checklist is provided for administrators to help them provide a safe environment of the cheerleading program.

It is recommended that the administrator and the cheerleading supervisor meet periodically to discuss needs, objectives and goals of the program.

For more information, please call the AACCA office at 800-533-6583, or visit the AACCA web site at

___ Is there supervision at all official events (practices, games, etc.?)
___ Is adequate matting provided?
___ Does the squad follow a conditioning and flexibility program?
___ Is the coach trained in proper skill development and safety procedures?
___ Are the safety guidelines being followed?
___ Are there written, oral and posted warnings concerning the risk involved?
___ Is there an "Emergency Plan" in place?
___ If competitions are attended, are mats and professional spotters provided?
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