Cheer Safety is Going Social!

We often hear "I just downloaded your guide to take to my Athletics Director." so we know how much the AACCA site is used as a resource for coaches, parents and administrators.

In addition to our site, we also have a Facebook page where you can join in on cheer discussions related to safety

In an effort to further that communication and keep you up to date with the most recent cheerleading safety news and tips, we've added two new sources of information that can come straight to your computer - the AACCA Cheer Safety Blog and AACCA on Twitter! The expansion into social media will allow us to keep our website uncluttered with the "news of the day" and focus on information like safety rules, safety checklists and other programs that need to be easily found.

With our new blog, you can subscribe to "rss feeds" to quickly access new information and with twitter, you'll get notices of tips and news however you've set your preferences.

So, come on over to our blog at, join our facebook group, and follow us at to stay up to date on cheerleading safety!

Join us!
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