AACCA Featured Safety Certifiers

AACCA Featured Safety Certifiers


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For twenty-eight years Kathy Tadlock has been an administrator for the Arkansas Activities Association (AAA) coordinating sports and programs including volleyball, gymnastics, cross country, swimming, track and field, spirit, Interscholastic Star, sportsmanship, publications and coaches education.  She also serves as the staff liaison to the Arkansas High School Athletic Administrators Association.

Over the years Tadlock has served the NFHS on rules committees for gymnastics, track and field, Sportsmanship, Ethics and Integrity and on the NFHS Strategic Planning Committee.  In 1986 she was tapped by the NFHS to chair an ad hoc spirit committee that led to the formation of the Spirit Rules Committee.  Tadlock served ten years on the NFHS Spirit Rules Committee, including two 4-year terms as chairman.  In addition, she became the first chair of the Advisory Board of the NFISA, now known as the NFHS Spirit Association and received the first NFHS Citation from the NFHS Spirit Association.

Tadlock has co-authored the NFHS Spirit Program Management course and earlier publications that have now been restructured in the NFHS Spirit Coaches Education Program.  She co-authored the NFHS Technical Judges Education Program and has served as a technical judge, instructor and/or conference presenter in nine states.

As an AACCA instructor for over two years Kathy Tadlock has taken the message of cheerleading safety to several hundred coaches in Arkansas.  She continues to study and teach, attempting to prepare coaches for their roles as guardians of participant safety and the use of sound teaching techniques, basing their programs on safety awareness and risk minimization with the responsibilities for these conditions being shared by administrators, coaches and student participants in the program.

A Quote From Kathy:

“Being an AACCA instructor has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve been privileged to be a part of.  We have a powerful message to share with cheerleading coaches as we talk about how they should leave the AACCA class seeing their programs in a whole new light as we plan our teaching and activities from a safety awareness perspective.  It is so important, from the beginning, to emphasize the planning and communication that must be ongoing among the coach, the athletes and the program administrator.  Emphasizing the physical, psychological and nutritional aspects of the athletes and the program broadens the value of these aspects of the education of our cheer coaches.  I also love the bond that is formed with and among my class members that promotes and enables future networking opportunities.”

    - Kathy Tadlock

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Bill Patterson has been with the National Spirit Group in various positions since 1982.  He began his tenure with the National Cheerleaders Association (NCA) as a summer part-time instructor, and joined the office on a full-time basis in 1991.  Bill has served as the Vice President of NCA, the Senior Vice President of Sales for Cheerleader & DanzTeam, , and is currently the Senior Vice President of Sales for NCA and NDA

With over 30 years experience, his longevity in the spirit industry has offered him opportunities to speak at numerous state meetings, as well as judge for many state, regional, and national cheer and dance competitions.  Bill holds a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University and a master’s degree from Indiana State University.  In addition to his responsibilities with NCA and NDA, Bill has also served as an advisor to the National Federation Spirit Rules committee for 10 years, is a national certifier for AACCA, and is on the National Advisory Board for the USASF.

Rose Clevenger

Rose Clevenger is the founder of Christian Cheerleaders of America, CCA, which started in 1987.  Rose has over 25 years of exceptional coaching experience.  Rose's coaching has ranged out over a variety of levels and has led many teams through many regional, state and national championships.

Rose has also branched out her expertise beyond coaching at the High School level.  She is also the owner of King Cheer and Tumble in King, NC. 

Rose has been an AACCA certifier for over 15 years.

Quote from Rose:

"AACCA  is directly responsible for keeping cheerleading as the viable entity that it is.  Without standardization of rules and safety awareness through AACCA, schools and administrators would not be willing to take on the liability  involved in cheerleading.  AACCA has raised the bar on professionalism of coaches and the importance of safety.  When I perform AACCA certifications it is great to meet and instruct coaches nation wide who are concerned about further education and having a positive impact on future generations."

- Rose Clevenger

Jennifer Uselton   MyPicture.jpg

Jennifer has national coaching experience that varies from school and all-star teams for 17 years.  Jennifer has led many teams through  successful seasons; whether it be on the sideline at a game or on the competition mat at UCA's, NHSCC.

Jennifer worked as a cheer instructor for UCA for 15 years.  She earned the Head Instructor of The Year award 4 times in 2 regions.  While on the UCA staff, Jennifer was selected to be on the elite UCA Core Work Week Staff for 6 years.  

She took her degree in English and Education and meshed it with her professional cheerleading knowledge.  Jennifer has put that knowledge toward helping to create courses for the National Federation of High Schools, NFHS, that are curretnly used in the NFHS, Bronze and Silver Level Credentialing

Jennifer became a quick favorite on the cheer speaking circuit.  She speaks at conferences at both the state and national levels.  Her seminars continue to be heard in 43 states and 4 countries.  Jennifer is currently the AACCA Coaches Education Coordinator.  Her duties consist of performing certifications, training new certifiers, and creating new seminars that meet the needs of modern cheer coaches.

Quote from Jennifer:

"Being the mother of 2, I understand the concerns parents have when they put their children in another person's care.  When you put your child in the care of an AACCA certified coach, you can be sure that they are in an environment that provides and promotes safety awareness.  As an AACCA instructor, I am proud of the impact that I get to make on coaches who are constantly striving to enrich their cheer safety education.  As a coach, I am respectful of the safety guidelines that AACCA provides that should help to keep my team healthy, competitive and stress free. As a parent, I am thankful for the resources that AACCA provides to help keep my child safely doing what they love.  As a cheerleader I am thankful of the umbrella of safety that AACCA provided in my own practices." 

Jennifer Uselton - AACCA Coaches Education Coordinator

 Ritch Ludke

Ritch brings a wide variety of knowledge in his 14 years of cheerleading experience.  He started as an NCA Instructor and quickly became a recognizable coach, choreographer and all-star gym owner.  Ritch is currently the NCADirector of Curriculum for both high school and college programs and serves as  an AACCA certifier for the NCA staff.  He also trains coaches and athletes on skills, safety and program development both nationally and internationally.  

Quote from Ritch:

"Being an AACCA certifier has given me the opportunity to help others understand the importance of safety in cheerleading.  Having that ability is the most influential way for me to further educate others!"

Ritch Ludke Director of Curriculum – NCA NCA - A Varsity Brand

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