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AACCA, or The American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators, is the defining source for all  cheerleading safety education.  The AACCA manual was composed by the industry's top cheerleading professionals, doctors, business professionals, lawyers, and Dr. Gerald S. George. 

AACCA was created to form a structured platform for cheerleading safety.  The concept of the certification was to create stronger, safer athletes.  The physics of cheerleading mixed with the intense emotional toll that any sport can have were all taken into consideration when creating the manual.  Topics such as physical vs. emotional readiness are also discussed.  AACCA wants coaches who take the course to walk away feeling knowledgeable on many levels.  We also want every coach to be able to refrence the AACCA manual on a regular basis. 

The AACCA manual is an intensive study of the philosophy of safety, along with cheer and dance specific techniques, legal liability issues, medical responsibilities, nutrition and hydration, environmental safety, and many other topics relative to the practice and performances of cheerleader and dance skills. 

The certification process involves a three hour review followed by a 2 hour open book testing session.  One of the benefits of the open book testing, is the ability to become intimately familiar with the AACCA manual.  This gives coaches the ability to quickly reference the AACCA manual and utilize it's contents.  AACCA wants to give coaches the ability to retrieve necessary information at their own practices or performances.  Discussing important topics and highlighting pertinent sections of the manual will allow for better situational applications. 

All content is the property of The American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators unless otherwise noted. Reproduction without consent is expressly prohibited with the exception of personal use for cheerleading and dance teams.

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