ChrisExplains.jpg The American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators, AACCA,is a non-profit educational association for the over 70,000 cheerleading coaches across the United States.  Founded in 1987, members of the association include: youth, junior high school, high school, all star, and college or university coaches/advisors, as well as leading national cheerleading instructional companies dedicated to the safe and responsible practice of student cheerleading.

What can an AACCA certification do for you?


    Cheerleaders who are trained by AACCA certified coaches develop a sense of security and confidence! They know that they will practice and perform under the safest conditions possible.  Cheerleaders will also learn that the athletic activity of cheerleading is about more than just stunting and tumbling.  It’s also about community outreach, school spirit, and leadership. 

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    Coaches who are AACCA certified gain the understanding of how to implement the need for safety as their program evolves.  They can rest, assured that they are getting the BEST safety training from experienced professionals with expert credentials in cheerleading and risk management.  Coaches will also enjoy the AACCA website!  It will provide them with updates, news, cheer related stories and resources! 

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    Parents get a sense of relief that their children are under the best supervision and care.  They get a sense of security that, with AACCA, there is a professional organization looking out for the safety of their children!  Parents can read more about the type of safety training AACCA provides in A Parent's Guide to Cheerleading Safety!


    Administrators enjoy the fact that the certification is valid for four years, and is reviewed and updated.  Administrators also like the fact that AACCA provides a certified coach with one million dollars of secondary liability insurance coverage.  Ask an AACCA representative about it today!  Also, check out AACCA's  checklist for Administrators!

AACCA is also a member of the Organization of Spirit Industry Providers (OSIP), the membership-based organization for educational organizations, suppliers, publications, competition organizers, safety organizations and gym owner groups for the spirit industry.

Find out more about OSIP at:  http://www.osiponline.org


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