The AACCA Spirit Safety Certification Program is a lecture course, study manual, and timed exam designed to educate cheerleading and dance coaches in all aspects of spirit safety and risk management.

The course is a three-hour lecture and review of the AACCA Safety Manual directed by an AACCA National Safety Instructor. The course covers such topics as legal and medical responsibilities, spotting, skill progressions, environmental safety concerns, psychological readiness, physical readiness, program evaluation and more. It concludes with a 90-minute, 100-question exam. A score of 80 must be achieved to qualify for certification. The course tuition is $75, which includes the required AACCA Safety Manual.

The minimum age to take the course for certification is 18 years of age.  Those under 18 can take the course as a benefit to their safety awareness, but certification will not be given until the age of 18.

The certification is valid for four years, and provides the certified coach with one million dollars of secondary liability insurance coverage for coaches who are employed full time by a school or school district as the primary coach or advisor for the school's cheerleader or dance squad(s) and are at least 21 years of age . Coverage for certified members remains in force for four years, subject to the renewal of the master policy. There is no policy at this time for non-school coaches.

Coaches will receive a certificate attesting that they have successfully completed the AACCA Safety Certification Course.

Certification Pledge:

I understand that by signing below, I am verifying that I am the person that completed this exam.

Furthermore, I pledge to follow safety rules that are at least as restrictive as the latest AACCA Safety Guidelines. I acknowledge that failure to do so may result in the removal of my certification and loss of any monies paid for said certification.

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AACCA safety instructor -15 years - one of the first 30 safety certifiers....
Elizabeth Dobson
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